Five Silly Monkeys Puppet Play

Make Your Little Monkeys Jump for JoyCover of Five Silly Monkeys book with five three dimensional monkey faces peeking out holes in the cover

  • What: Five Silly Monkeys Book and Puppet
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Interactive reading fun
  • Where: Amazon

We love our Five Silly Monkeys book. It features five three dimensional monkey faces peeping out of holes in the book. As you flip a page, one monkey disappears, until they are all gone by the end of the book. My kids loved sticking their fingers in the holes of the cover and pages and trying to capture my wiggling fingers. When they were younger, they howled with laughter as my fingers disappeared through the holes and when I grabbed their tiny fingers from underneath when they explored to see where my fingers went.


They also loved touching the textured faces of the monkeys. For extra fun, you can buy the book with an accompanying puppet. It fits like a glove, with one little monkey on each finger. It works great as an addition to the story and to bring the book to life. And it makes an excellent tickle glove for use without the book.

I think the set makes a great affordable gift for a wide range of children, from baby showers to second birthdays and every gift giving occasion in between.

Beware, though, that this book may have your kids trying to jump on the sofa, if not the bed, to recreate the fun the monkeys have during the story.

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