Sleep Nursing Bras

Slumber Without Pesky Plastic PiecesTwo pack of sleep nursing bras by Gilligan and O'Malley in shades of grey

  • What: Sleep Nursing Bras
  • When: Birth until weaning
  • Why: Comfortable support and easy access
  • Where: Amazon or Target

I swear by these sleep nursing bras. Though they are made for overnight wear, I wore them around the clocks for several months. I didn’t wear anything else except the occasional nursing tank. It got so bad I couldn’t wear my other more typical nursing bras, because I had gotten used to the comfort and style of the sleep variety.

I loved the subtle racerback designs, but the ease of access really sold me. Popping out a boob has never been so simple! I moved the fabric to one side and voila! My infant could eat. They offered just enough support for my overgrown breasts at night so they didn’t move around of their own accord. During the day, the bras went under almost anything easily. I found them even easier and simpler than the nursing bras and tanks featuring that quick clasp. I also found them comfortable enough that I could fall asleep (and stay asleep!) while I had the fabric over my breast or tucked under it, since they had no hard plastic parts to poke me. I had enough unwanted pokes and prods, and I didn’t like my undergarments adding to the total, especially at night.

I eventually weaned myself back into regular bras around four to six months, but not without some regret for the sheer comfort of these bras.

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