Rainmaker Rattle Toy

Hohner kids rainmaker rattle with clear plastic walls , multicolored balls inside, a purple top, and pink bottom

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Soothing Sounds Regardless of Weather

Hohner kids rainmaker rattle with clear plastic walls , multicolored balls inside, a purple top, and pink bottom

  • What: Hohner Kids Mini Rainmaker
  • When: 3 months to 3 years
  • Why: Appeals to large age range, reasonable volume, durable
  • Where: Amazon

My kids all adored this rainmaker toy as infants and toddlers. They loved listening to the soothing gentle sounds it produced when moved. It also intrigued them to watch the small balls through the clear plastic walls as they manipulated it. It rolled well, and produced both visual and auditory effects for the youngest infants with no interaction required on their part. You or your child can flip it over and over again to produce continuous noise as desired. It’s one of the few continuous noises from toys that I can listen to multiple times in a row without feeling like producing some unpleasant noise of my own.

Hohner Kids Mini Rainmaker on Amazon

I had a shorter version that I kept put away and pulled out for long trips. It fit nicely into a bag or busy box but provided lots of entertainment from the noise, visual effects, and coming up with new ways to interact with it in limited space. The noise produced isn’t loud enough to bother other passengers, and on airplanes, can barely be noticed over the engine noise even sitting next to it.

Hohner Kids Mini Tube Shaker on Amazon

Both the larger and smaller versions have survived plenty of play with all three of my kids, who never shy away from banging toys. My youngest loves balls of any kind, and intent on getting the tiny balls out of the rainmaker where he could touch them directly, but he never succeeded in even cracking the plastic. They’ve been dropped, rolled, banged, used as a bat, and stepped on with nary a mark.

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