Very Cranky Bear Book

The Very Cranky Bear board book for kids by Nick Bland

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A Jingle for Your Jungle

The Very Cranky Bear board book for kids by Nick Bland
  • What: Very Cranky Bear book
  • When: 12 months to 5 years
  • Why: Fun, sweet, and memorable message
  • Where: Amazon

We received a copy of The Very Cranky Bear by Nick Brand as a gift when our second child arrived. It became an instant hit in our house. Four animal friends look for a dry place to play on a rainy day, and encounter a cranky bear camped out in the cave they covet. They each have their own ideas about how to cheer up the bear so they can play there. Kids love it when the bear roars, though my rendition lacks a little in enthusiasm compared to my kids’ vocalizations.

 The Very Cranky Bear book on Amazon

I love the rhyming lines, and my toddler loved them enough to write all over them during a moment of my serious distraction. (I have no idea how he found a pen as I try to keep permanent writing utensils out of reach). If you simply can’t get enough of the Very Cranky Bear, you’re in luck. The same authored penned The Very Hungry Bear, The Very Noisy Bear, and The Very Brave Bear, as well as The Very Itchy Bear.

The Very Cranky Bear Gift Box Set on Amazon

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