Water Wows

Water Wow under the sea themed water reveal pad and water pen by Melissa and Doug

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Turning Water into Entertainment

Water Wow under the sea themed water reveal pad and water pen by Melissa and Doug

  • What: Water Wow Activity Books
  • When: 2 to 7 years
  • Why: Entertain kids in close quarters
  • Where: Amazon

    Ever seen these fabulous Water Wow coloring books? They come with a special brush. You fill the inside of the brush with water, and your child paints on the pages with the water to bring the colors to life. They work great for anytime you need some stationary entertainment, but I hoard mine for car trips and the like. I wouldn’t recommend filling up the water pen while in a moving vehicle. But on the plus side, if you do try it, and you spill, it’s only water.

    Melissa and Doug Water Wow Water Reveal Activity Pad on Amazon

    They come in a wide variety of themes, such as alphabet, animals, numbers, safari, sea life, and vehicles, so you can pick one to match your kid’s current obsession. As the water dries, the color disappears and your kids can start all over again. I freely admit I buy all the same kind so I can toss them to a kid and not worry about getting the right subject matter to a particular child, and to prevent sibling squabbles over who gets what and when.

    Melissa and Doug Water Wow 6 Pack on Amazon

    These activity books might not prevent your kids from arguing or plaguing you with incessant questions, but they can provide a welcome distraction and interruption from the constant interrogation. If they could turn water into wine, we’d never leave home without one.

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