Sound Sleep Interrupted

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound and white noise machine

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Don’t Lose Your Snooze

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound and white noise machine

  • What: Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine
  • When: Birth until your child moves out of your bedroom
  • Why: Constant white noise beats intermittent sounds
  • Where: Discontinued

After more than six years, Amazon finally stopped selling our beloved noise machine. It took us more than four months to break down and buy a noise machine with our first child, yet we bought a second one as soon as our second child came along. I don’t know how we got along without it. (Turns out it wasn’t very pretty.) We live in an urban environment in a small home, and I can’t control the random noisy interruptions from city life. I can, however, provide background noise to mask them.

I don’t have any other noise machine recommendations because we’ve never used any other noise machines. Our kids now demand the light this particular noise machine provides, though they have many other sources of nighttime light as well.

Graco Sweet Slumber Sound and white noise machine
Graco discontinued our faithful noise machine.

When I got tired of packing the noise machine (though it fits into my suitcase without an issue), I got the White Noise app on my phone. It gives me the option to record my own noise, and I hopped to it, since I take my phone everywhere we go. We also own several old phones I can plug in and leave overnight in my kids’ room as an extremely packable noise replicating device.

Lucky for us, not one but both of our sound machines still function, despite the fact that I leave one on for 24 hours a day (because I’m too lazy to get down on the floor to turn it on and off). I’m addicted to the noise it produces myself, so I am not looking forward to the day when they both bite it. I did have enough sense to record the noise it makes for use with our app replacement.

Are you using a noise machine? If so, leave a comment with the brand and type and how much you love or hate it.

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