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Crocs Classic K Clog plastic floating kids' sandal shoe in turquoise

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Kids Prefer Pedestrian Plastic Shoes

Crocs Classic K Clog plastic floating kids' sandal shoe in turquoise

  • What: Crocs plastic slip on shoes
  • When: Toddler to adult
  • Why: Easy to get on and off, waterproof, floatable
  • Where: Amazon

I didn’t believe in Crocs until someone handed down our first pair. My eldest son has basically worn them every day since. That original pair he wore until the holes in the toe cover blended together into one giant gap and I hid them from him to improve my chances of getting him to wear other shoes.

Crocs Kids Classic K Clog on Amazon

In the winter, he sports Crocs with a fleece lining or his new favorite, Crocs boots. The rubber handles lasted less than a week before he demolished one, and the other three flap around just waiting for their last moments before departing. But the boots themselves have held up remarkably well to everyday wear on a child that regularly walks further than I can contemplate in a day. They have nary a hole or leak. As an added bonus, their bright yellow color means I can find him just about anywhere even when all I can see is one foot.

Kids Crocs Handle It Boots on Amazon

Crocs come in so many colors I can always find their favorite. They also float, so should anyone drop one in a toilet or other body of water, you can fish it out with ease. The strap on the back holds them on when the size runs big, which happens often in my experience, since kids’ Crocs don’t come in half sizes. Once they grow into them, you can rotate the heel strap forward over the toe covering and keep right on wearing them out.

Crocs Women’s Kadee Flat on Amazon

Now everyone in our house owns at least one pair. The last hold out in our household, I got my somewhat more stylish Kadee version a couple of weeks ago. Given our regular visits to the neighboring spray park through summer, I grabbed cheaper pairs from places like Payless Shoes and Target. Now I get name brand Crocs on sale on Amazon without thinking twice. The pair I got from Target last fall to replace the aforementioned green ones? They didn’t even last an entire six hour school day before one of the sides detached. And unlike the handles on the boots, the flapping strap bothered him and interfered with his ability to walk. The last thing I need is to carry around a 50 pound six year old, even for a short distance. In all fairness, the ones I bought at the same time for my daughter remain in fine shape, but she also owns 15 to 20 pairs of shoes and actually rotates what she wears in addition to not being as rough on footwear.

Now that everyone owns a pair, we wouldn’t go to the pool, beach, or spray park with any other shoes. Fair warning, though – Crocs don’t play well with wood chips if you make the transition to a playground.

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