EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers

EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers set of 8 clear plastic containers for packing inside lunch containers with orange, yellow, green, and pale blue lids. Containers shown in two stacks of four

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Adding Interest and Practicality to Packed Lunch

EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers set of 8 clear plastic containers for packing inside lunch containers with orange, yellow, green, and pale blue lids. Containers shown in two stacks of four

  • What: EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers containers
  • When: Packing food to go
  • Why: Keep liquids contained, fit inside Easylunchboxes
  • Where: Amazon

I recently reordered EasyLunchboxes for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, our youngest child started school, and some days I need to make three lunches. Our previous collection of four (supplemented by two free lunch boxes) did not suffice since I’m not willing to hand wash one or more containers everyday in order to have an adequate clean supply.

Secondly, two of our previous four lids took a hit. A six year old crushed one when he or she stepped or landed on it. I still don’t know what happened since I wasn’t there, but the lid came home still attached to the lower lunchbox portion yet totally devastated and unrepairable. I marveled at it for a day or two before resigning it to recycling. We made do with four containers and three lids for two lunches per day without much issue, since I’m more willing to rinse a lid off for immediate reuse. But then I dropped a lunchbox (not even in a protective soft-sided insulated container) into the middle of the street when trying to handle too many things with too few hands (the story of parenthood, right?). It landed smack on the corner of the lid. Though I repaired it easily with some packing tape (my daughter just noticed the repair this week and it happened several weeks ago) and it seems fine, I decided we should reinvest in a second batch.

EasyLunchboxes Mini Dippers Set of 8 on Amazon

When I went to order another set of four, I had the option of including these mini dippers with my order as a package deal. I decided to try it, and I’m glad I did. I’ve used tiny Tupperware containers for liquids and other runny items, but they didn’t fit inside an EasyLunchbox. Since we upgraded our soft-sided insulated boxes LINK that caused less of an issue. But I could still see the promise in these.

They haven’t let me down. I’ve sent a six year old and a four year old to school with syrup (and french toast as well as other things in case you think I’m the kind of mom who lets my kids drink syrup for lunch) and both lunch boxes and carrying bags have come home unscathed after full days at school. I also like to send in dressing and dips, but before, that required using one of the three sections and risked contaminating the rest of the lunch if not the lunch box and carrying bag as well. Now I can easily add beans, frozen blueberries, or other items in kid-sized amounts to the main compartment without sacrificing one of the smaller sections.

My kids can open the mini dippers with no problems, but unlike the larger lunchbox itself, these lids fit tightly and prevent liquids from leaking.

I could also see these tiny containers working well for transporting homemade baby food for young children. It looks like the perfect size for one cube of food. The containers nest nicely, so they take up less space in storage, and they also work well for dressing to include in adult lunches. You know the kind with green stuff, such as in salads.

You can order them separately as well as with a batch of EasyLunchboxes, so suit yourself and your kids by trying some soon.

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