Mr. Yuk Stickers

Stuck on SafetyMr Yuk poison prevention sticker showing a face made from black lines on a white background sticking its tongue out with eyes closed

  • What: Mr. Yuk poison prevention stickers
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Prevent kids from accidentally ingesting toxic chemicals
  • Where: Poison control center

Have you met Mr. Yuk? Studies tested his appearance on a bunch of kids in child care ranked Mr. Yuk as the least attractive option among six popular warning signs. Why would you or your kid need something that unpopular? To keep them safe.

You affix Mr. Yuk stickers to anything poisonous in your home, from floor cleaner to dishwashing soap to medications. Should children defeat your child safety locks, the unpopular appearance of Mr. Yuk deters them from playing with, or worse, drinking things in fun, attractive colors, like blue, green, and pink. (We all know the best drinks come in neon bright colors, so if you can’t read, it would make sense to try it too. And they have such appealing scents!)

The stickers also have the phone number for the poison control center printed on them. Should the worst happen, and your child chugs a bottle of something toxic, you don’t have to go digging through your contacts or paperwork to get to experts who can help right away.

Call 800-222-1222 to get your own sheet of Mr. Yuk stickers, or check your local drugstore.

A friendly reminder that Mr. Yuk stickers cannot replace good child safety precautions such as cabinet locks and storing things well out of reach. But the extra protection never hurt, especially since it costs you nothing but the time of slapping a sticker on a bottle or two.

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