Three Little Piggies Game

Three Little Piggies logic puzzle game for preschoolers by Smart Games front of blue box shown with illustration of three little pigs story

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Escape the Wolf Using Logic

Three Little Piggies logic puzzle game for preschoolers by Smart Games front of blue box shown with illustration of three little pigs story
  • What: Three Little Piggies Game
  • When: Ages 3 and up
  • Why: Suitable for a variety of ages, durable, builds logic skills
  • Where: Amazon

Looking for a new way to entertain your pre-readers on long afternoons? Check out the Three Little Piggies game from SmartGames. This easy to understand concept requires zero literacy skills. Kids young and old as well as adults choose one of two game types: day or night. For the daytime option, you place small squishy pink piggies in holes on a board and try to get their three houses, colored yellow for straw, brown for sticks, and red for bricks, to fit around them. For the nighttime variation, you add in a wolf, and all three piggies need to fit safely underneath the three dimensional house pieces to stay safe from the wolf outside.

Three Little Piggies game on Amazon

The large plastic pieces make it easy for small hands to manipulate them. The difficulty levels go from easy to master, meaning anyone can find a suitable challenge. The game comes with a book that has placements for the piggies (and the wolf when used), and the solutions for each puzzle on the back of the page. Kids can match the piggies to the correct holes on the board with little help required. Making sure the orientation of the board matches the illustration before placing any piggies has been our kids’ only stumbling block.

The box also includes a storybook, written in comic book style illustrations of the classic Three Little Pigs story. It has no text, so you can read it aloud to your little ones by making up the appropriate narration as you go, or they can “read” it themselves by talking about the illustrations. Depending on the day, my kids sometimes like the book more than the game itself. The manufacturer recommends ages 3 and up due to the choking hazard presented by the pigs and wolf, but my two year old also enjoys trying to match the placement to the pictures. Depending on your child’s propensity to sample non-food items, wait until they don’t nibble everything in site, regardless of what age that happens. (I can imagine the rubbery texture feels good on teething gums, for instance.)

It makes no difference which piggy gets which house in either mode of play. As an added bonus, one kid (or adult) can play, or several can work together to solve the logic puzzle problems.

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