Bright Baby Books

Fascinating First ReadsBright Baby First Words board book cover by Roger Priddy showing an orange fish on a turquoise background

  • What: Bright Baby board books by Roger Priddy
  • When: Birth to three years
  • Why: Bright colors, high contrast, large appeal, and super durable
  • Where: Amazon

We love all our Bright Baby board books. They still intrigue my youngest even at almost three years old with their simple, realistic images shown on brightly colored backgrounds. Each book has one large word per page, and sturdy pages and covers. All three of my kids have loved our collection, and the books still stay together despite reading them over and over and over again. I think, in almost seven years, I’ve taped one on the spine and we got that one secondhand.

You can get a topic-specific title depending on your kid’s interests. Animals, Colors, First Words, and Trucks all offer the same vivid illustrations with different themed content.  They cost so little, though, that if you have the shelf space, I’d invest in all four at the same time.

They make great gifts for baby showers and the first year as well, and all four come in Spanish and bilingual Spanish/English versions, too.

If, like me, you hesitate to part with your Bright Baby books, they work great for older kids learning to read. With only one word per page, kids can guess what the printed text says, and that gives my older kids a sense of satisfaction and growing confidence that they, too, can read.

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