Bummis Cloth Diaper Liners

Flannel Softens the Blow OutBummis fleece liners roll pack of five flannel liners for cloth diapering

  • What: Bummis fleece liners
  • When: Birth to potty training
  • Why: Easier poop removal from cloth diapers
  • Where: Amazon

Before I discovered flushable diaper liners, I tried the flannel variety. I bought one pack of Bummis five natural colored cotton ones from my local baby store (where I purchased a lot of my cloth diaper supplies) and happily trotted home to try them out.

The thin layer of flannel makes it easier to handle poop covered cloth. You can peel away an unscathed corner and, unlike a folded prefold, you don’t have to worry about it moving around while in transit to the potty. I found they dramatically improved my ability to get the poop in the potty even without a sprayer because I could pull the material taut and the poop plopped off into the toilet. (If you don’t like potty talk, you should probably stop reading this post now.)

It turns out five liners do not last long. I used them, and loved that they made removing poop much easier, but I still didn’t love throwing poopy liners into my cloth diaper bin to sit for a few days. They did prevent a large amount of poop from going onto the diaper inserts (to prevent staining) or covers (so I could reuse the covers between loads of dirty diaper laundry), but five lasted me a little over 24 hours. After investing in a myriad of other cloth diapering supplies, I didn’t feel like shelling out another large chunk of change on liners.

Bumkins flushable diaper liner shown next to Bummis flannel reusable diaper liner

Bumkins disposable diaper liner shown on left next to Bummis flannel reusable diaper liner on right

Then I discovered the flushable, disposable type and never looked back. But if you want to go all cloth, the flannel liners wick moisture away remarkably well. I changed mine with every diaper change since they felt wet even when not poopy, but that’s personal preference. If you decide to go the cloth liner route, I’d say buy an average of 5 per day for as many days as you want to go between loads.

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