Color Me In Puzzle

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Add Your Own Vision to the PiecesMudpuppy color in 24 piece puzzle Superhero version shown in box with five crayons included

  • What: Color Me and Color In Puzzles by Mud Puppy
  • When: Two to four years?
  • Why: Two activities in one
  • Where: Amazon

Have you seen the Color Me Puzzles by Mudpuppy? We got one as a gift and kudos to the gift giver for a wonderful idea. The box includes a 24 piece puzzle. One side features a regular puzzle colored like any other. The other side has only black outlines of the identical picture, and the set comes with five crayons to fill in the colors. While Mudpuppy no longer makes these wonderful puzzles, you can get similar products.

Purple Ladybuy Jigsaw Puzzles Craft Kit on Amazon

Once your kid gets tired of putting the puzzle together, you can hand them the crayons and let them do an art project. They can color the pieces after assembling the puzzle or, for confined spaces, color one piece at a time then reassemble the puzzle to admire their handiwork. The Color In puzzles run a bit more compact when assembled than the Color Me option, so if size matters, be careful when ordering.

Mudpuppy Cats Meow Color In Puzzle on Amazon

These puzzles come in a variety of themes. We own the outer space version, but I’ve also seen farm, pirates, fairies, unicorns, ice cream, superhero, owls, cats, dinosaurs, rush hour, and even Eric Carle or Babar versions.

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