Natural Peanut Butter Hack

Turn Your Attitude Upside DownNatural peanut butter jar stored upside down in the refrigerator

  • What: Natural Peanut Butter Hack
  • When: After six months old
  • Why: Prevent the solid butter at the bottom of the jar
  • Where: Any store that sells natural peanut butter

Do you love the idea of natural peanut butter without all the artificial ingredients? So do I. However, I don’t love getting to the bottom of a jar and having to cut the remaining hardened paste left in there. I mix the separated oil back into the butter before each use, but somehow I always have a solid left at the bottom.

Natural peanut butter jar stored upside down in the refrigerator

Keep the oil in your natural peanut butter more evenly distributed.

Until I learned a new hack. It changed my attitude about natural peanut butter. Store the jar upside down. The oil rises naturally to the top of the container, which is the bottom of the jar once you flip it upside down. Voila! No more cuss words or broken utensils trying to get the last few hardened tablespoons out of the jar, and no more tossing several ounces of expensive peanut butter. This method naturally keeps the peanut butter moistened throughout the entire jar.

I can’t claim this bit of brilliance for myself. I have three kids who have killed off any extra brain cells I once had through sleep deprivation, servitude, and their extraordinarily high volume. I read about this trick in a parenting magazine and wanted to share with parents or anyone else who eats natural peanut butter regularly.

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