i play Swim Diapers

iPlay swim diaper with snaps along one side shown in shades of blue with blue fish and green turtles

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Get in the Water and Out of the Wet

iPlay swim diaper with snaps along one side shown in shades of blue with blue fish and green turtles

  • What: i play reusable swim diaper
  • When: Birth to potty training
  • Why: Never run out of swim diapers
  • Where: Amazon

Ever forgotten to pack a swim diaper for your tot on a trip to the beach? Or worse, at the community pool? We’ve lucked out and been able to buy one in a pinch, but I learned my lesson. Bring a swim diaper with you. Better yet, unless you want the activity to end with your child’s bowel movement, bring two.

With two kids in diapers in different sizes at any point in time, I got sick of trying to guess how many swim diapers we needed and in what size. We rarely used them except during summer. By the next swim season, someone had invariably outgrown the ones I had. When I saw i play reusable swim diapers, I took them for a test dive.

i play Snap Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper on Amazon

Boy, am I glad I did. I love reusable cloth diapers but I didn’t have a good solution for swimming. Enter the reusable swim diaper. The adorable patterns drew me in, but once I tried one, I stocked up in a variety of patterns and sizes to fit my kids at any age and stage. At a retail price of $13 (and I’ve seen them for as little as $4 online), one reusable diaper costs about the same as a 12 pack of disposable swim diapers, but it last much longer and I have less to store.

Ever had to remove a sopping wet diaper from a squirmy child on slick floors? I don’t recommend it. A poopy diaper gets even worse, as the poop goes everywhere except off your child. These swim diapers have super handy snaps along the side. You can undo the side and then extract your child. It beats peeling wet clingy diapers off them, and I haven’t met a swim diaper that didn’t come off wet.

i play Ruffle Snap Reusable Absorbent Swim Diaper on Amazon

The material dries quickly and the entire thing can be tossed in the wash with the regular laundry (unless it’s poopy in which case definitely rinse it first). The elastic leg and waist openings keep everything in without being too tight for comfort. I’ve never had one leak even a bit. They do fit snugly on purpose to contain any mess, and if you have a little one with chunky thighs, you may want to try one size up to get the best fit.

I keep our swim diapers with our swimsuits, so now all I have to remember is to pack them.

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