Travel Booster Seats

Brica Fold N Go Travel Booster Seat shown unfolded on the floor

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Boost On the Go Meals

Brica Fold N Go Travel Booster Seat shown unfolded on the floor
  • What: Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Booster Chair
  • When: Ages 9 months to 40 lbs
  • Why: Lightweight, compact, packable, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

We got a collapsible booster seat when we took our 23 month old and 5 month old kids on a three week trip to visit friends and relatives in foreign countries. With all the other travel stuff filling up our suitcase allotment, I wanted something small and light for packing, but couldn’t depend on them sitting still or reaching in regular chairs yet. I ordered the Brica Fold N’ Go Travel Booster Chair.

First Years On-the-Go Booster Seat on Amazon

It acts exactly like our Fisher Price Booster Seat but folds flat and weighs even less. We still have it because it takes up almost no room to store. It works great for when friends visit and we need an extra booster seat, and also for going out to friends’ houses without children in residence or even for restaurants if you don’t want to use their booster seats.

Brica Fold N Go Travel booster seat shown folded
Our Brica folding seat shown flat with one strap buckled to secure it.

It attaches in less than a minute and works like a charm. One adjustable strap runs underneath the chair and one adjustable strap goes around the back to get a perfect fit each time. It won’t work at a booth or picnic table, as the buckles require a chair with a back (not just a stool) to install it safely. The same strap that keeps it attached to the chair keeps it folded up when not in use. The second attachment strap doubles as a carrying handle or over the shoulder strap for hands free transportation, but I had no trouble fitting it in the outside pocket of a roller board bag for longer trips. It folds down to less than two inches thick.

Brica Fold N Go travel booster seat shown from the side
Our Brica seat shown from the side. Everything under the lower mesh disappears when folded and the back folds flat as well.

This booster seat has a simple three point harness to keep kids from sliding out, but does not come with a tray if that features still matters to you. It weighs less by far than the most lightweight booster I’ve used, and seems durable, too, though I’ve never used it daily for an extended period of time. The First Years version supports up to 50 lbs (which is about how much my 6.5 year old weighs and he falls in the middle of the weight charts). My two year old can easily carry the entire Brica seat folded up as it weighs about 2 lbs yet holds up to 40. Both models are similarly sized, with the Brica measuring 12 inches square and the First Years version measuring 12 inches by 11. The material wipes clean easily and the dark color helps camouflage spills.

Support underneath a Brica Fold N Go travel booster seat unfolded
The modified x shape underneath provides support and adds height when unfolded.

Our specific Brica Fold N’ Go model  is no longer available for sale.

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