Crocs Boots

Crocs Kids Handle It rain boot in bright yellow seen from the side

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These Boots Were Made For Stomping Puddles

Crocs Kids Handle It rain boot in bright yellow seen from the side

  • What: Crocs Rain Boots
  • When: When kids start walking
  • Why: Waterproof, durable, and easy to put on
  • Where: Amazon

Did you know Crocs made rain boots for kids? I learned last fall, after a year of sending my kid to school in Crocs sandals (he wore lined ones in the winter) because he refused to wear any other footwear. His teachers regularly requested kids come in waterproof boots to support their many outdoor explorations, and although I bought several other pairs, they never worked.

Crocs Kids Handle It Rain Boots

I bought one pair that he broke the first day he wore them. The linings fell out and never came home, and they proved too uncomfortable to wear after that. In contrast, the Croc boots come all in one piece, so they have nothing to lose or replace. My kid, who tears through everything from water bottles to lunch boxes, came home with one handle flapping by the end of the first week. But I didn’t care. I rejoiced to have a pair of boots he would wear that stayed dry. Now one handle is missing and another one is on its last leg, but the boots themselves have lasted through daily wear every day of the last school year.

Crocs Kids Handle It rain boot in yellow with missing handle
Here’s what a Crocs rain boot looks like when missing one of the handles.

As an added bonus, much like all other Crocs footwear, they float. So even if they go overboard, you can retrieve them. Unlike some other brands, they dry in a flash, too. In a real pinch, you can dump them out (when your kid steps in water that goes over the top of the boot) and towel them dry and he’s off and running again.

Crocs Kids Can Handle It yellow rain boot with torn handle
The other half of the pair where you can see the handle has torn on the front attachment point.

He can also easily get them on and off all by himself. With two younger siblings, that’s almost as helpful to me as the fact that he will wear them, they keep water out, and they last.

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