Straw Sippy Cups Not Airplane Friendly

Skip Hop Zoo straw bottle in clear blue plastic with red and blue owl on front

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Straws and Flying Don’t Mix Well

Skip Hop Zoo straw bottle in clear blue plastic with red and blue owl on front

  • What: Straw cups and water bottles
  • When: Infant and toddler years
  • Why Not: Liquid erupts in flight
  • Where: Amazon

You know how I love Skip Hop straw water bottles (both the plastic and metal versions)? Let me share a bit of wisdom I have learned the hard way. Don’t take them on a plane. If you absolutely can’t live without them, at least don’t fill them up before you get onboard.

Skip Hop Stainless Steel Water Bottle on Amazon

Every straw cup I’ve met, including but not exclusive to the Skip Hop brand, spouts liquid all over you (if you’re lucky) and your child and everything else (if you’re not) once you reach cruising altitude. Take my advice and use a regular sippy cup sans straw for air travel. It will save you an outfit, a big batch of used napkins and wipes, and possibly a temper tantrum from your little seatmate.

My normal procedure includes going through security with empty cups then filling them about halfway to three quarters with water before takeoff. I like to leave extra room so I can add some juice in flight, though in a pinch I’ve been known to empty my kids water cups myself.

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