Yodo Kids Rolling Suitcase

Yodo kids rolling backpack suitcase in blue sharkdesign

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Pint Sized Travel Packed with Extras

Yodo kids rolling backpack suitcase in blue sharkdesign

  • What: Yodo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels
  • When: Age 2 and up
  • Why: Durable, practical, and cute
  • Where: Amazon

Our older two kids loved their Popatu suitcases so much that my youngest wanted his own suitcase as soon as he could walk. We indulged him last year before he even turned two, since it behooved us as well when traveling.

We upgraded from our beloved Popatu rolling backpacks to this new kind from Yodo. It comes in a slightly larger size, so they can pack more stuff in. That makes it a bonus for them, and a bit of a downside for me as they throw more stuff in that I have to locate before we return home later. But this one has exterior pockets!

Yodo Zoo Three Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels on Amazon

My eldest son immediately confiscated it from his younger brother, who has never actually gotten to pack or carry it anywhere. He traded him his older blue airplane suitcase, which suits them both very well. I didn’t plan it that way, but my older son carries the larger suitcase, while my youngest can still easily pack and pick up the smaller Popatu version (which happens to be his favorite color as well).

A child raising the handle on his Yodo kids rolling backpack suitcase
My son preparing for a trip with his Yodo rolling suitcase.

I can fit a sippy cup into either mesh side pocket on the Yodo suitcase without an issue, and it hasn’t fallen out yet. My son also loves to shove small items in there, so he can not only see them, but retrieve them with ease instead of losing them in the large interior storage space. The front pockets holds his headphones and electronic entertainment. I can even stuff some snacks in there if I don’t mind the crumbs.

Side view of Yodo kids rolling backpack suitcase in shark design
You can see the mesh pocket in this side view of our suitcase.

My oldest son now travels with other relatives as well, so the extra pockets and storage come in handy when I’m not along for the ride to carry all his actual travel essentials for him. It has enough room to pack clothes and pajamas for a weekend, though we’ve never used it for practical stuff. My kids pack their own bags, and would happily sleep in their clothes repeatedly as long as they don’t leave home without their beloved stuffed animals and other sleeping accoutrements.

Three kids carrying small suitcases on a jetway
All three of my kids with their various suitcases on the jetway. My eldest carries his Yodo one as a backpack.

It comes in pink owl and brown monkey versions as well as a larger size. We have the medium shark version. The backpack straps tuck away nicely when not in use, and it also comes with a built in attached cover for the wheels when not using those.

Yodo kids rolling suitcase with backpack straps tucked in and wheels covered
Our suitcase with backpack straps tucked away and wheels hidden by attached cover.

Overall, I love this suitcase and the design. We’ve only had it a year, so I can’t speak as well to the durability but so far we have had zero issues. I still like the smaller Popatu suitcases to start, but I if you only want to invest in one, I’d probably choose this more practical one.

Child pulling two kid suitcases, a pink fuzzy one from Popatu and a blue shark one from Yodo
My daughter pulling her pink Popatu suitcase and her brother’s blue Yodo one.

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