Nuk Soft Spout Sippy Cups

Nuk Learner soft spout sippy cup in 5 ounce size with handles in blue and orange with polka dot design

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My Favorite Introductory Cup

Nuk Learner soft spout sippy cup in 5 ounce size with handles in blue and orange with polka dot design
  • What: Nuk Learner Sippy Cups
  • When: 6 months and up
  • Why: Easy transition from bottle, easy to grip, replaceable parts
  • Where: Amazon

I loved all our Nuk soft spout sippy cups. So did my kids. They refused to drink out of any other cups or bottles of any kind until I removed the Nuk ones from circulation.

Nuk Learner Cup on Amazon

I liked the clear sides with amounts marked in both ounces and milliliters. The soft spouts come apart from the lid for easy cleaning, and all the parts can be interchanged with other Nuk soft spout cups and bottles. I loved the removable handles, which made it easy for little hands to grasp and hold. When I needed the cups to fit into tighter quarters for traveling, the handles came off. They don’t have any extra parts or valves, making them super easy to use and reassemble for occasional caregivers.

Nuk Learner Cup in 5 ounce size with all the included parts: cover, soft spout, lid, disk for sealing, cup, and removable handles
You can see all the included parts here: cover, soft spout, lid, disk for sealing, cup, and removable handles.

They do have a cover for the lid, which seal tightly enough to hold in drips as well as prevent dog hair and other things from sticking to the spout. I used the covers for going out and about, but hardly ever at home. They also come with a small disk for use underneath the spout, which totally prevents liquids from spilling. I rarely used those unless I packed more than one cup, and had a backup on hand for long trips. The other parts of the cup didn’t leak, so it didn’t seem worth it to have to open the top to remove the disk before my child could drink. I forgot to remove it a few times, and boy do they get angry when nothing comes out.

Nuk Large Learner Cup

All Nuk soft spout cups also had lids, spouts, covers and handles that could be exchanged with Nuk bottle parts. I would’ve used Nuk bottles, too, if I hadn’t already owned a large variety of bottles.

We bought additional cups at stores on the opposites sides of the country and even abroad in a pinch (when the one we bought either wasn’t sufficient or we needed a replacement part on the fly).

Nuk Replacement Soft Spouts 2 Pack on Amazon

The only downside is that my kids couldn’t resist chewing the soft spouts. That made holes happen faster than I’d like. I learned to order the replacement spouts, which can be bought separately, and keep a supply of those on hand. It’s hard to complain when your kids love something too much, except when it causes problems. Once the spouts developed holes, they leaked liquids when tilted or shaken.  

Toddler drinking milk from Nuk soft spout sippy cup with handles
The easy to hold handles mean my kid could carry it anywhere.

All three of my kids adored these cups. I still have a one or two secreted away just in case. I’ve been very happy with the durability and the interchangeable parts as we bought more and more of this style cup, and I can’t resist the cute patterns and colors.

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