Nuk Hard Spout Sippy Cups

Nuk Ultimate Hard Spout Sippy Cups 2 Pack in orange and blue with polka dots design

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Sippy Spouts That Resist Chewing

Nuk Ultimate Hard Spout Sippy Cups 2 Pack in orange and blue with polka dots design
  • What: Nuk Sippy Cups
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Durable, affordable, distinguishable
  • Where: Amazon

I love our Nuk sippy cups. I’ve been a fan of Nuk ever since we used their soft spout sippy cups with handles. Once my eldest child started preschool, I needed to send a sippy cup in with him every school day. I got tired of trying to remember which one of our other sippy cups we’d brought that day. My husband dropped him off and I picked him up and I had to look for our name labels on three or four each time.

First Essentials Nuk Hard Spout Sippy Cups on Amazon

I looked into Nuk cups because I loved the soft spout cups so much. I ordered a two pack of Nuk Ultimate Hard Spout Sippy Cups on Amazon, and haven’t looked back.

An open Nuk ultimate hard spout sippy cup showing the three parts: cup, lid, and valve
One of our Nuk hard spout cups. You can see the cup, lip, and valve which inserts into the lid with the convenient grip.

Those two hard spout cups remain my go to cups for traveling and heading out of the house. The sippy cup consists of three parts: the lid, cup, and valve, all made from durable plastic. The valve removes easily for cleaning in the dishwasher, and reattaches effortlessly (alternative caregivers often don’t know to install the valve, which results in some spills). Each cup holds up to 10 ounces of liquids. The lids come off without an issue, but my kids can’t get them open to dump the contents. They claim to be spill-proof, leak-proof, and unbreakable, and so far my experiences agrees. Unlike the soft-spout cups, I’ve never needed to buy any replacement parts.

Nuk Ultimate hard spout sippy cup in orange with polka dots design with lid attached and valve inserted
The designs on the outside of our Nuk hard spout cup show barely any scratches or fading after four years.

Best of all, I got them almost four years ago and they still look great. They’ve traveled all over the world with us and the barely perceptible fading on the designs shows the only sign of wear.

The hard spout lid of a Nuk Ultimate cup
The lid from our Nuk Ultimate sippy cup after four years of regular use.

Nuk Ultimate Hard Spout Cups can now be bought under the name Gerber Graduates Advanced Developmental Hard Spout Sippy Cup. They feature a more pronounced spout but otherwise appear to have similar characteristics.

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