Puppet Bath Mitts

Little Miss Naughty bath mitt puppet washcloth by Roger Hargreaves

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Little Miss Naughty bath mitt puppet washcloth by Roger Hargreaves
  • What: Puppet Bath Mitts
  • When: Birth and up
  • Why: Fun, efficient, long lasting
  • Where: Amazon

Want to have one less thing sliding around during bath time? Get a set of puppet bath mitts. We have ones from the Little Miss series by Roger Hargreaves. I received a set of three (Little Miss Sunshine, Little Miss Chatterbox, and Little Miss Naughty if you need to know which ones) long before I had children, but saved them. Turns out we had three kids so it worked out perfectly, though sheer luck had more to do with that than great planning.

Manhattan Toy Scrub-a-Dubbie Bathtime Puppet Washcloth on Amazon

I would recommend almost any kind of mitt for bath time. It makes slippery skin easier to grip, and I have a much simpler time selling actual scrubbing (versus pure splashing fun) when I have a funny puppet on my hand trying to get soap into various body parts. My kids have gotten big enough to scrub themselves with their own puppet mitts, and I highly recommend that use as well.

Little Miss Naughty bath mitt puppet washcloth by Roger Hargreaves shown inside out
You can see how the lining of one of ours looks after six plus years of use.

Little Miss Chatterbox puppet bath mitt washcloth by Roger Hargreaves
One of our other Little Miss series bath mitts, who has suffered minor hair loss after five years of use.

Our mitts have lasted through almost seven years for the one in use the longest, though in fairness bath time isn’t an everyday occurrence for us. They dry quickly hanging over the feet of our Frog Pod between baths. They have never shown any sign of growing gunk despite their permanent lodgings in the high humidity bathtub. The lining inside has gotten thinner over the years, but they still perform well, getting lots of suds and bubbles from a dime sized amount of our fragrance free California Baby Wash.

Little Miss bath mitt puppet washcloths by Roger Hargreaves hanging to dry on feet of Boon Frog bath pod
Two bath mitts hanging to dry on our Frog Pod.

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