Nuk Magic 360 Cup

Nuk 360 degree sippy cup in blue octopus design

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Nothing Beats a Nuk

Nuk 360 degree sippy cup in blue octopus design

  • What: Nuk Magic 360 Cups
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Transition to regular cups, easy to clean, adorable designs
  • Where: Amazon

Nuk makes a Magic 360 Cup! I have two of the Munchkin Magic Cups, but if I’d known Nuk had some, I would definitely buy them. I love Nuk cups, both hard and soft spouts!

Nuk Magic 360 Cup

This cup holds 10 ounces of liquids and guarantees no spills. Kids can drink from any edge, just like a regular cup without a lid. It works great for training kids how to drink from a regular cup, with all the benefits of a sippy cup for no mess. It has three parts for easy dishwasher safe cleaning, and comes in the usual variety of irresistibly cute Nuk patterns and colors.

If you aren’t familiar with the new 360 cup concept, the lid allows kids to drink from any part of the circumference of the cup, just like a regular glass. But the lid prevents liquids from spilling or leaking.

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