Soap Dish for Crayons

Blue translucent soap dish opened to show crayons stored inside

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Keep Crayons Clean

Crayons shown stored inside a travel soap case dish box partially opened

  • What: Crayon carrying case
  • When: Age 18 months and up
  • Why: Store crayons contained and unbroken
  • Where: Amazon

Have you reached the point where crayons have started to multiply like rabbits? We’ve collected so many here and there in seven years that our population has reached numbers too big for me to count, and we can’t keep them contained. They end up broken or worse (one of my kids regularly has colored teeth from gnawing on them anytime he gets his hands near one), and then my finicky kids ask for the “new box” so they can break those, too.

Crayons stored inside a travel soap case dish
I have about fifteen crayons nestled into a soap dish.

I got sick of having crayons floating in all the nooks and crannies of my diaper bags. Despite trying to contain them, they worked their way into so many places. I find them very useful paired with a random receipt to kids keeps entertained at unexpected wait times (as well as during known confinements like air travel), but I hated trying to keep them unbroken and prevent them from spreading.

Generic Plastic Soap Box on Amazon

Enter the soap dish. I stuck a variety of crayons into an empty soap travel case and love it. The hard case keeps the crayons from getting broken in my bag. I store about a third of the case full, so that I have no trouble with crayons flying out or corralling them back into place once we’re done coloring. For our particular soap dish, that equals about fifteen crayons – a number easily divided equally between my three kids. I can split the case into the top and bottom with crayons divided somewhat evenly, and two kids (out of three isn’t bad) have a convenient container that keeps them (the crayons, not the kids) from rolling off seatback trays or other surfaces. A rubber band around the outside can give you an extra secure closure if your soap case gets loose, but I haven’t had to resort to that device yet.

Crayons shown in two halves of a travel soap dish box case
I can split the soap dish into two separate halves for divvying out crayons to kids.

Best of all, I had the case lying around the house doing nothing but taking up space, until I put it into action as a crayon container.

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