Touch and Feel Cards

Get Up and Go with Farm Animal Funtouch and feel cards by Infantino on a link strap band

  • What: Infantino Touch and Feel Cards
  • When: 3 months and up
  • Why: Sensory entertainment on the go
  • Where: Undetermined

I love these touch and feel cards we received as a gift for my third child. We used them exclusively for traveling, and my touch and feel obsessed child adored them. I adored the fact that they all came attached to an elastic band, so I didn’t have to worry about dropping or losing one or more.

Touch and feel card by Infantino close up on pig textured cards with text shown on facing card

Each card features a different farm animal with a textured body. The textures range from soft and fluffy to bumpy and leathery for a variety of sensory explorations. The flip side of the card has black text on a brightly colored patterned background with the sound the animal makes.

five farm animal touch and feel textured cards by Infantino shown fanned out

The end of the elastic band attaches to a plastic link. In addition, the fabric band Velcros closed, so you can open it to attach it. But the cards have plenty of room in the fabric loop so they move and flip easily. You can undo the Velcro to remove the cards and play other games (which animal makes this noise?) though I’ve never had the urge to risk detaching them. You could easily use the strap and link on other favorite toys, too.

Backsides of five touch and feel textured cards on a strap by Infantino

They can attach to a diaper bag, stroller, or infant car seat handle.

I can’t find the official name of this toy by Infantino anywhere, and I consider myself a very experienced Google sleuth. If you recognize them or happen to know what they like to be called, please comment and share!

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