Baby Stella Doll Clothes

Dress Dolls For LessHard baby doll wearing Baby Stella doll clothes by Manhattan Toy outfit

  • What: Baby Stella doll clothes
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Fit a wide range of babies, easy for little hands to master, durable
  • Where: Amazon

I can’t get enough of Baby Stella doll clothes by Manhattan Baby. I love Baby Stella herself, too, of course. But her clothes fit almost all of my child’s baby dolls, from smaller hard plastic ones up to the Cabbage Patch Kids I adored in my younger years. I remain constantly amazed by the fact that they stay on tiny slippery waists yet stretch enough for larger dolls.

At something like $15-25 an outfit, you can definitely buy cheaper doll clothes. But I’ve learned to hunt down the sale prices. I can get most outfits for half the regular price if I watch the them carefully. And the cost pays off in the long run. I’ve bought more affordable generic doll clothes just to see if they worked as well. They did not. They already have seams coming loose and strings falling off. In contrast, Baby Stella’s clothes all feel super luxurious. My biggest complaint with Baby Stella is the lack of gender neutral or even boy clothes. My daughter has no problem re-purposing things as needed, but I’d like a few more basics.

Preschooler child changing clothes on Baby Stella doll by Manhattan Toy

My daughter can easily get the clothes on and off her dolls

If buying for the first time, look for outfits with more pieces to mix and match. The shoes also don’t translate well to other dolls, so don’t pay too much attention to those. We’ve also scored a couple of outfits at secondhand in stores and online, for much lower prices. And because they hold up so well to repeated play and little hands yanking them on and off, I can’t tell the difference between the new and used ones we have.

Baby Stella ladybug costume clothes on soft doll in stroller

Soft baby doll by Circo wearing a Baby Stella ladybug costume

Cabbage Patch Doll wearing Baby Stella doll clothes

A Cabbage Patch doll wearing Baby Stella clothes

You (and generous relatives) can, however,  buy almost the entire wardrobe for Baby Stella over the course of a calendar year. That means when the next gift giving occasional rolls around, you already own the majority of the outfits for sale online. Each year they release a few new outfits, and those cost more. The older outfits get cheaper, so buy them first if you can.

Hard newborn doll wearing Baby Stella pajamas

A hard newborn type doll with movable arms and legs wearing Baby Stella pajamas and matching hat

Child playing with dolls outdoors

The same hard newborn doll wearing Baby Stella raincoat and boots over a Baby Stella dress with Baby Stella sporting on her own clothes in the stroller in the background

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