Best Disposable Wipes

One soft sided package of Kirkland Signature baby wipes 100 count

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Wipe Out Messes

One soft sided package of Kirkland Signature baby wipes 100 count

  • What: Kirkland Signature Disposable Wipes
  • When: Birth to adulthood
  • Why: Clean without tearing
  • Where: Costco

If you decide to use disposable wipes, Kirkland Signature wipes can’t be beat. I’ve used Huggies and several others from grocery and drug stores in a pinch, because we travel (and our luggage gets lost) and I like smaller packs for outings. But nothing holds up like the Kirkland brand. Now I buy smaller packages for the travel containers. I dump the wipes inside and replace them with carefully refolded Kirkland wipes, which hold up even under the worst of circumstances.

Brand new pack of Kirkland Signature fragrance free baby wipes with flip lid opened and sealed
After seven years, I still haven’t found a better wipe.

When a blowout happens while you’re out and about, you don’t want a smaller wipe breaking down on the job. I’ve had several brands like Huggies almost disintegrate even when brand new. I think a wipe should be able to wipe, but perhaps after years of Kirkland use, I’ve gotten spoiled. They use something called Tencel, a natural fiber, in their fabric, which claims to be super soft and strong. I can’t disagree. Tencel comes from wood pulp, which means it comes from a one hundred percent renewable resource. That makes me feel good when my husband yanks his tenth wipe out so he doesn’t have to touch a wipe that’s touched poop with his bare hand.

The extra big surface area (more than an inch wider than some other brands) and thicker fabric means you can use fewer wipes to clean up bigger messes, both the potty kind and anything else that comes your way. (Ever had a blueberry smoothie explode?) The liquid comes almost entirely from naturally derived ingredients like purified water.

Kirkland Disposable wipes have zero fragrance, so they have less to upset sensitive baby bottoms or set off my morning sickness with other pregnancies. They come in bags with easy access plastic flip lids embedded into the wrapping, so they create less plastic waste. (That’s only a downside if you need the empty containers for storing art supplies.) The bag packaging gets smaller as you use the wipes, so it works great for throwing the whole things into diaper bags, the back of your vehicle, or underneath strollers.

Kirkland signature baby wipes soft sided pack next to napkin holder on table
I still keep a pack of these wipes on our dining room table for quick and easy clean up.

Best of all, you buy them in bulk. With more than one kid in diapers, we flew through wipes. Now that we’ve gotten out of the diaper business, our wipe consumption has died down. We still keep a pack on the dining room table, but instead of needing at least one per kid after every eating opportunity, we use them sporadically, most often to clean the table instead of the kid now. Each soft pack has 100 wipes, and each box contains nine soft packs, for a grand total of 900 wipes per box. That may sound crazy before you see your newborn’s first poo, but you will look at normal sized containers of wipes in a whole new light after you don’t have to buy more multiple times a week.

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