Wipe Containers for Art Supplies

Child art supplies like crayons stored in am empty disposable wipes container

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Art in the Empty Wipe Box

Child art supplies like crayons stored in am empty disposable wipes container

  • What: Repurpose disposable wipe containers
  • When: 18 months and up
  • Why: Corral art supplies of all types
  • Where: Amazon or any other store

Have art supplies started to overrun your home yet? My firstborn refused to touch anything art related for at least two years. You can’t imagine the screaming that ensued about the offer of a stamp on his hand or even a sticker. But now that every kid here embraces art and all the myriad supplies, I had trouble keeping it all organized without losing a kid somewhere in the mess.

It turns out, empty plastic wipe bins work great for crayons and markers, too – once they are no longer home to wet wipes of course. So two things I have an excess of – empty wipe containers and art supplies – get together and get more organized? Sign me up!

Art supplies for kids like crayons stored in an empty disposable wipe container
You can store almost any type of art supplies in an empty wipes container, from boxes of crayons to stamps and stickers.

Stamps? Throw them in a wipe container. Markers? Check. Glitter (heaven forbid – throw it in there then recycle the whole thing and hope for the best). Stickers? Glue and glue sticks? Scissors, foam pieces, and any other art supplies that keep multiplying behind your back can all be corralled if not controlled by the ubiquitous plastic wipes container. Once the wipes disappear, add some art supplies and start stacking.

The best ones have easy to open lids for big and little hands. If you want to make sure you know when items get used, or better yet, control usage, lids that stick a bit can be useful, too. Flat tops work better than curved options if you plan on stacking multiple containers, but for bins stored side by side, curves work fine, too. You don’t even have to commit to the same kind of wipes for this storage method to work, as most wipe containers come in the same size and shape. Think of them as free Tupperware in a uniform size.

Plastic wipe containers make it easy to take art supplies like sidewalk chalk outside, and keep the inevitable bits in one place instead of all over your yard. Now if only I could fit all the art they produced into empty wipe bins, I’d be all set.

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