Hide and Seek Things That Go Book

Hide and Seek Things That Go look and find hardback book

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Find a Copy of This Vehicle Extravaganza

Hide and Seek Things That Go look and find hardback book

  • What: Hide and Seek Things That Go book
  • When: Two years and up
  • Why: Choose how long it takes to read this book, wide age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

I’ve raved about look and find books before, but I think Hide and Seek Things That Go deserves a special mention. It can be read in a short period of time, or you can waste half an hour or more “reading” it while your toddler looks for every item on every page. You can also take a compromise route, and look for the little cartoon yellow school bus on each page to speed things up without taking up half the afternoon.

Hide and Seek Things That Go on Amazon

The images come from real life, whether actual vehicles and parts or  real toys. My kids enjoy the extra surprise of finding some of our toys pictured inside, and spend hours treating the book as a catalog of other toys they’d like to own. We originally checked this book out from our local library and renewed it. We both liked it so much I added it to my child’s wish list and we got our own copy.

No matter what kind of vehicle your child loves, from trains to construction to tractors to airplanes, this book features a page dedicated to each type. Most types appear on more than one page. The book includes almost anything on wheels. It sports a hardback cover with regular pages that can be easily ripped by an enthusiastic fan, but otherwise works well for vehicle lovers of all ages.

The large size prevents it from being an easy travel companion, but otherwise I adore this book and so will any vehicle-loving child.

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