Organic Crib Sheets

Olli and Lime toddler Miller design sheet set with pillow

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Safe Sheets for Sleeping Sweeties

Olli and Lime toddler Miller design sheet set with pillow
  • What: Organic crib sheets
  • When: Birth until big beds
  • Why: Avoid toxic chemicals
  • Where: Amazon

Infants spend an inordinate amount of time in their beds. Regardless of where they sleep, in a crib, bassinet, Moses basket, or in your bed, I recommend getting organic sheets for the same reasons I prefer organic crib mattresses

Bouncy Baby Organic Cotton Fitted Crib Sheets 2 Pack on Amazon

Infants nap constantly at first. Some might even say they nap around the clock, since they often wake every two to three hours to eat even overnight. That equals a lot of hours on your mattress cover and bed sheets, with their faces right next to the surfaces breathing in whatever fumes and other chemicals come off it.

Olli and Lime Billie crib sheet shown in crib converted to toddler bed
I purchased two identical Olli and Lime brand Billie crib sheets seven years ago, and we still use them today.

Obviously washing sheets before use helps, but rather than risk what I couldn’t see or smell, I splurged on Olli and Lime brand crib sheets. Unlike almost every other baby product, I didn’t inherit crib sheets before my first child’s birth, so I justified the extra cost in this area. But you can get organic sheets without a huge extra cost. The peace of mind comes free.

Olli and Lime Miller Toddler Sheet Set on Amazon

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