Organic Crib Mattress Protector

Organic crib mattress protector cover shown folded

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Pristine Protection from All Life’s Spills

Organic crib mattress protector cover shown folded
  • What: Crib Mattress Cover
  • When: Birth until big bed
  • Why: Keep spills and stains from reaching the mattress
  • Where: Amazon

My organic mattress pad cover has lasted through three kids and any number of washings and unfortunate incidents. I bought two once we upgraded to the second crib with our second child, and I’ve been happily alternating the two with our third child now that we’ve finally (after five years) gotten down to one crib.

American Baby Company Waterproof Quilted Mattress Cover on Amazon

Because I hate the thought of my infant breathing in toxins for hours on end, I layer an organic mattress protector on top of the organic mattress and under my organic crib sheets. My mattress protector looks identical to a crib sheet, with elastic around the edges that go under the mattress to hold it in place. It sports a much thicker top side, thanks to the waterproof layer sewn into it. You can also purchase mattress protectors that lay on top of the mattress, much like a towel or blanket might, but I’ve found those move around unbeknownst to me. Then at the crucial moment, they don’t cover the affected area.

I found this one goes on easy thanks to the stretchy material along the sides without the thicker  waterproof section. None of incidents have ever reached the unfortunate state where bodily fluids ran down the sides of the crib. No liquids period (whether water or milk or worse) have reached the mattress itself thanks to the mattress protector. Instead, my crib mattress looks as good as it did the day I first put it in the crib.

Organic crib mattress protector cover with both quilted top and underside shown
You can see the quilted top that includes the waterproof layer as well as the elastic and sides of our mattress protector fresh from the dryer.

I’ve thrown my protector in the washer and dryer countless times without it shrinking or becoming misshapen, though the waterproof layer does occasionally stick to itself. I pull it back flat and consider myself covered for another night of unexpected developments.

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