Fleece Lined Clogs

Softer Side of CrocsCrocs floating footwear clogs in red with fleece lining

  • What: Fleece lined Crocs Clogs
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Keep feet cozier
  • Where: Amazon

As the days turn colder, my kids start wearing their fleece-lined crocs. While they don’t dry very quickly, unlike their cousins the original Crocs clogs and Crocs boots, they do add some extra insulation against cold for cooler months. If your kid also refuses any footwear that doesn’t float, these furrier alternatives can help.

The fleece gets flattened after a few months of every day wear, but that doesn’t interfere with the comfort my kids get out of it. And for many winter activities, like skiing, where they will be switching into ski boots or other footwear anyway, I find the lightweight, compact Crocs a great solution for car rides and quick stops to refuel.

We stumbled upon their existence thanks to a generous hand me down, but I’ve been a believer ever since that first pair. They come in toddler and little kid sizes, as well as full grown pairs for adults. I haven’t broken down and gotten my own pair yet, but I’ve been sorely tempted. They would make great house shoes with their non-scuffing soles.

Crocs kids clogs in red with fleece lining

My kids love fleece lined Crocs for colder weather.

The fleece takes much longer to dry out than the regular plastic parts of the shoes, so I don’t recommend them for mud puddles or other water activities. But as an alternative to cold feet and unhappy children, or capturing them to put real shoes on, they can’t be beat.

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