Animal Storage Poof

Boon Animal bag in turquoise blue filled with stuffed animals peeking through mesh window

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Simple Storage for Stuffed Animals

Boon Animal bag in turquoise blue filled with stuffed animals peeking through mesh window
  • What: Boon Animal Bag
  • When: Birth until they move out
  • Why: Corral the stuffed animal zoo
  • Where: Amazon

I came across this stuffed animal storage bag randomly online. I can’t even remember where I first saw it, and that happened only a few weeks ago. I didn’t realize I made this exchange, but apparently I’ve traded brain cells for children. Oh, well, they’ve got to get their smarts from somewhere.

I ordered one (an animal storage bag, not a child) on a whim. Despite several cullings and overpopulation in each child’s loft bed (where I don’t have to look at them), our stuffed animal collection has gotten seriously out of hand. I can’t walk in their room without navigating a maze of stuffed animals. I accidentally sat on the dog once because I assumed the lump under the blanket was inanimate.

Boon Animal Storage Bag on Amazon

I have fallen head over heels for this storage poof. I love it so much I’m tempted to get one per child, but I think that would actually exceed the quantity of stuffed animals we own. And I do not want to encourage the acquisition of more stuffed animals(says the adult with every stuffed animal I have ever owned stored in a Tupperware container almost big enough that I would fit in it).

Orange Boon animal bag shown in box from side
It comes in a compact box but expands to hold many stuffed animals.

I got almost all of free-roaming stuffed animals in the bag. It holds more than I thought based on the dimensions. And my kids fight over who gets to sit on it. It makes a perfect kid-sized seat next to the coffee table and across from the sofa for family games. It doubles as seating just about anywhere. It weighs enough stuffed with animals that my kids struggle to move it around, but I like that feature, too. It means they don’t use it to maul each other or anything else in my household. They can all drag it as needed to wherever they want to use it. They ride it, and sit on it, and lay on it and basically claim it as king and forbid other siblings from putting their bums on it.

I love the super fluffy fabric. It provides somewhat lumpy seating thanks to the stuffing material I supplied, but my kids don’t complain and I don’t get a turn to sit on it anyway. They all want to have it in their beds, but so far I’ve managed to avoid that trap. An entire poof of stuffed animals burying them overnight does not sound like a recipe for success to me.

Child and dog sitting on orange Boon animal bag filled with stuffed animals
Even the pets fight to sit on the stuffed poof.

It comes in four fuzzy colors: grey, green, orange, and bright blue. This zipper seems super study. The pull grips easily and moves smoothly even when stuffed to the brim. I personally prefer to keep ours with the window next to the floor, but if you want to see the contents to locate a specific item, the mesh side can come in handy.

Though we haven’t had it long, I have had great experiences with my other Boon products in the kitchen and bath. Overall, the low price point and high satisfaction means I’ll be loving this item for years to come, even if I never get to sit on it.

Boon Animal bag in orange shown in box
I am tempted to buy another one I love it so much.

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