Turn Dirty Clothes Inside Out

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Keep Clothing Organized During Travel

  • What: Packing hack for dirty clothes
  • When: Birth and beyond
  • Why: Differentiate between clean and dirty clothes
  • Where: In your suitcase

I’ve traveled the last three weekends, and I’ve used this dirty trick on every single trip. I use it for my clothes and for my kids’ clothes. When I pack up to come home, I turn dirty clothes inside out, then repack everything the same as when we left home. When we get back, I can easily pile the inside out clothes and toss them into the laundry hamper or even straight into the wash (depending on what we’ve been up to). It helps me keep things organized without taking up more space or having to sort through clothes trying to figure out what goes back into drawers and what goes into the laundry.

Kid's dirty clothes in small pile turned inside out with one clean article right side out
I can easily spot the one clean article of clothing in this pile because it isn’t turned inside out. (Hint: it has dogs on it.)

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