Pack It Cubes

Eagle Creek Pack-It Cubes in orange, green, blue floral print, and red colors and patterns

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Pack Like a Pro

Eagle Creek Pack It Medium Cube filled with kid clothes and shown unzipped

  • What: Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes
  • When: Traveling with kids
  • Why: Organize clothes in suitcases
  • Where: Amazon

If you pack frequently, for yourself or yourself plus three other small humans, I highly recommend Eagle Creek’s Pack It Cube system. I originally got these packing organizers for my husband as a gift because he loved the Eagle Creek suitcase I got him. The cubes fit into their suitcases like magic and make packing simpler for spacial-relations challenged people. But they work great in any bag, from duffel bags and backpacks to roller boards and beyond. Plus your things arrive in order with fewer wrinkles, which I call a win-win.

Eagle Creek Pack It Cube Medium Size on Amazon

Once our kids came along, I started packing their clothes into cubes. Originally I couldn’t fit everything for an infant in one cube, but if I put the extra stuff like toys and blankets and diapers in a separate cube and got down to the basics, it worked out well. Now that we have three toilet-trained kids, it works perfectly. For a long trip, I can get seven days worth of clothes for each of them in a single medium cube, even with my kids’ fleece pants taking up lots of real estate. For a weekend trip, I can fit each kid’s things in one small cube now that my youngest only wears pull up diapers at night.

Eagle Creek Pack It Clean Dirty Cube on Amazon

I tend to use up all the cubes we own on my kids after my husband makes off with his stash, but when I can, I grab one for my clothes, too. They also fit in nicely. For kids, I like the double sided ones called Clean and Dirty best, as I can put pants and shirts on one side and underwear, socks, pajamas, and (depending on the size of the foot) shoes on the other. But the single-sided ones work fine, too, and I’m not about to replace the ones we have, though I’d buy more double-sided ones to start off if I had it to do over again.

Eagle Creek Pack It Medium cube shown open unzipped and filled with kid clothes
All of one kid’s clean and dirty clothes from a recent trip in one medium size Pack It cube.

Like all Eagle Creek gear, these come with a lifetime guarantee. I’ve stuffed ours to near bursting multiple times and never had so much as a tear or stuck zipper, and my kids aren’t gentle with them either.

Eagle Creek Pack It Cubes Set of 3 on Amazon

I throw four cubes – one for each of us – in the suitcase with a few other bags for items like medicines and bathroom stuff and we can go just about anywhere from backcountry camping to foreign cities.

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