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First 100 Trucks Board Book cover by Roger priddy

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Priddy Neat Board Books

First 100 Trucks Board Book cover by Roger priddy

  • What: First 100 books
  • When: Six months and up
  • Why: Colorful photos, super affordable and study
  • Where: Amazon

You’ve heard how much I adore Priddy Books. If you haven’t seen their First 100 Books series, check out all the titles. They have something for every kind of kid, whether yours loves trucks or animals. They have a first 100 words book if you don’t know what your infant likes best yet, and first 100 colors and numbers to entice young learners.

First 100 Box Set of 5 on Amazon

My kids still love the themed pages in their First 100 Trucks book. My airplane kid obsesses over the in the air page and my train kid can’t get enough of the different types of real trains pictured. My animal lover likes all the animal pages, and if you end up with a kid like mine who likes something hard to find in isolation (for us it’s chickens), you can usually find at least one of that type of animal on the pages of the animal book.

Trains pages in First 100 Trucks board book by Roger Priddy
The trains spread from First 100 Trucks.

Our version has held up through all three kids and much like the rest of our Priddy books, you can hardly tell it isn’t brand new. If my kids would stop spilling milk (or worse) onto pages of their books, it would be in mint condition. The thick cover and pages last through thousands of page turns, and the lightweight compact size means you can take them anywhere. Since each page has at least ten items on it, you can kill some serious time talking about each item and where it goes and what it might be doing.

First 100 Trucks board book by Roger Priddy laying on its side
You can see some of the wear and tear on the corners of the spine. Other than that, our version looks great after about six years.

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