Bath Crayons

Alex brand bath tub crayons six colors

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Read the Writing on the Bathtub Walls

Alex brand bath tub crayons six colors
  • What: Bathtub Crayons
  • When: 2 years and up
  • Why: Affordable, easy clean up
  • Where: Amazon

Maybe you need to coerce a reluctant toddler into the tub. Maybe your little artist can’t stand to leave their latest creation in progress to get clean. Whatever the reason, these bath crayons help bath time go smoothly for little and big hands.

Crayola Bathtub Crayons on Amazon

We got our first set for my daughter, who has never met an art project she didn’t like. She likes art almost as much as she likes bath time, so our issue has never been getting her in the tub. It has always been getting her out of the tub. I got bored sitting in there with her, and these crayons significantly increased my interest level without risk to my electronic devices.

Child writing on tile with bath tub crayon while taking a bath
My eldest writing on the tile surrounding the bath tub.

As an added bonus, it encouraged my older son, who needed lots more practice writing, to work on the vertical surfaces of the tub. If you don’t own an easel, bath crayons provide a great way to practice those fine motor skills on vertical surfaces, and you don’t even need a mat or any other protection to contain the mess. Clean up is also a cinch, though I freely admit I’ve left quite a few artistic inspirations on the walls of the shower surround because I liked looking at them.

Alex brand bath tub crayons
Our bath crayons.

My youngest, at around age two, broke one crayon, but they still write fine. The outside plastic sleeve helps small wet hands keep a grip on slippery surfaces. And they push up easily to get more crayon peeking out the top. The colors don’t show up that well on our avocado green bathtub and tan tile, but I suspect they come out much brighter on white surfaces.

Broken blue bath tub crayon with part still in holder
My youngest broke one crayon, but I stuck it back in the holder and handed it back with no complaints, though it does fall out easily.

They wipe clean easily with no messy residue and my blank canvas aka bathtub is once again ready for the next installation.

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