Britax Car Seat Cup Holder

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Drinks in Easy ReachBritax convertible car seat cup holder removable

  • What: Britax Convertible Cup Holder
  • When: Age two until they outgrow their convertible seat
  • Why: Store cups and other sundry items within reach
  • Where: Amazon

If you have a lightweight preschooler, or even a toddler with an older sibling who graduated to a booster car seat, you may be hearing a litany of complaints along the lines of they need a cup holder and storage compartment and all the other bells and whistles that come as bonuses on booster seats.

Britax Convertible Child Cup Holder on Amazon

I love this Britax brand cup holder because it fits on any Britax convertible seat, even my older model Roundabouts and Marathons. It can attach on either side. That matters because not only does it avoid getting squished by the car door, but I can also attach it out of a sibling’s reach. It makes my lightweight child not feel so little or left out when she’s still riding in her convertible car seat instead of a bigger booster seat.

Skip Hop stainless steel water bottle inside a Britax convertible car seat removable cup holder
A Skip Hop stainless steel straw water bottle inside the Britax cup holder

It holds most of the cups and water bottles I’ve tried. The flexible gray ring keeps containers secure and prevents them from moving around, but it can also be trying for little hands to extract them, especially combined with the silicon sleeve on her water bottle. My daughter mastered it after a few days but I heard some complaints before that point. At least it resulted in a new and different complaint and not the same old whining about not having a cup holder.

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