Changing Purse

Clutching the EssentialsReese Li changing clutch purse bag shown open from above

  • What: Reese Li Fairfax Changing Clutch
  • When: You don’t need a huge bag of stuff
  • Why: Lighten the load but keep the essentials
  • Where: Amazon

I bought my Reese Li Changing Clutch on a whim because I found it in the clearance section. But loved it so much I still can barely part with it even now that we’re done with diapers. This smaller alternative to a full-scale diaper bag has room for a plastic wipes container. You can extract disposable wipes without digging the container out of the bag, thanks to an ingenious design with a Velcro flap closure in the front.

This tiny bag packs a big punch with an included changing mat. It features two small interior pockets and one exterior pocket that runs the length of the bag. It also has a clear plastic folder, so you can tuck a photo of your little munchkin inside. The outside material is impervious to wear and weather of all kinds. Mine looks absolutely brand new, despite the fact that I’ve owned it for at least five years.

Reese Li changing clutch purse bag and contents of changing mat diaper wipes credit card photo shown

My clutch and all its contents, which do not even begin to strain the capacity. I could easily fit a couple more diapers or a change of clothes, an EpiPen and a phone and keys in there as well.

It still has enough room for a diaper or three, a spare change of clothes, a card and ID, and even a chapstick, keys, and phone. I liked to leave mine packed with a couple disposable diapersin the current size. I could leave it underneath the stroller and no one was the wiser. With a credit card loaded, I could grab it and get out the door in under sixty seconds with an infant or toddler, which was no small feat.

Reese Li changing clutch purse bag

The strap can be shortened or removed entirely.

The adjustable strap meant I could hook it onto my stroller without it dragging the ground for easy access, or it fit comfortably over my shoulder. You can also remove the strap completely. The clutch comes in a wide variety of patterns and colors.

Reese Li changing clutch shown open with wipes container accessible

The nifty design means you can open and close a wipes container over the thin connecting strap, so you don’t even have to take the container out of the bag to access wipes.

It’s far from a necessity, but only ranks slightly lower in practicality than the Skip Hop Pronto changing clutch, and gets bonus points for extra style and not looking like a diaper bag or other infant accessory. I’m debating keeping it for continued use because I still like to carry wipes almost everywhere I go, though my regular bag hosts a lot of other items.

Reese Li changing clutch bag purse shown open

This clutch packs a lot of stuff for the small size.

It works great for carrying a spare set of Epipens, too, if you fall into the category of parent that can’t comfortably leave home without them. The Reese Li website no longer exists, but Amazon carries at least two different patterns for about the same price at the moment. Grab one before they all disappear!

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