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Bird and bee logo from Amy Lang website Birds plus Bees plus Kids

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Sex Talks Without Embarrassment

Bird and bee logo from Amy Lang website Birds plus Bees plus Kids
  • What: Birds and Bees and Kids website
  • When: Age 2 and up
  • Why: Be prepared for sex talk
  • Where: Birds+Bees+Kids

You might be surprised by the age recommendation for the Birds + Bees + Kids website by Amy Lang. But as I’ve learned, if you start talking about sex when they start asking questions, or even before, it makes conversations down the road much easier.

I love this website. I’m not a fan of email newsletters, but I find links to online seminars and questions from this newsletter a life-saver when my kid asks me in the car (I never get hard questions unless I’m driving) about where babies come from. My firstborn asked me how babies got in my belly when he was four, and I was completely unprepared. I got the name of this site from a fellow parent and have been armed ever since.

Even if you don’t want the regular newsletters in your inbox, the free book is definitely worth a read. It’s called Birds + Bees + Your Kids and you can get a free digital copy.

Birds+Bees+Your Kids by Amy Lang on Amazon

I find the information provided a great supplement to my It’s Not the Stork books. Amy covers all sorts of things I find interesting, in a way that not only I can understand, but in a language I can use with my preschoolers. It also prepares me for the topics that might come up when they are older, and challenges me to consider where my own ideas come from.

I feel so much better prepared for the harder questions I know will come because I’ve been reading about tricky questions and thinking about my own values a little bit at a time. Amy gives great advice from reputable sources in ways that fit into my busy lifestyle, from the email newsletters to the online courses and beyond.

Dating Smarts by Amy Lang on Amazon

Her blog covers everything from talking to kids about playing doctor to inserting tampons and ending relationships. Armed with research, she gives concrete, easy to follow advice to help kids develop healthy relationships and avoid sexual abuse.

Rather than hope my kids’ questions about sex go away, I’ve been voraciously reading all of her stuff since I found it about her site several years ago. No matter where you are in the parenting process, she has some info for you to help feel calmer and more prepared in a rapidly changing world of information.

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