Wild Things Snap On Shirts

Wild Things Snap On Shirt in blue with sea life theme and tropical fish

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Play With Your ClothesWild Things Snap On Shirt in blue with sea life theme and tropical fish

  • What: Wild Things Snap On Shirts
  • When: Ages 2 and up
  • Why: Interactive, fun
  • Where: Anywhere you can find them

My oldest child eschews short sleeved shirts – until we discovered Wild Things Snap-On Shirts. Now he loves the animals that snap on and off, and that positive experience has opened his mind to giving other short sleeved shirts a chance. As an added bonus, his snap on shirt glows in the dark, which hasn’t hurt his enthusiasm.

Our shirt was a gift. I never would’ve tried a short-sleeved shirt on my own, but I’m delighted this one appeared in my house in a bag thanks to a generous friend. We own the “Pond” design, with three turtles that snap onto any of the three snaps sewn into the shirt.

Child wearing wild things snap on shirt in black with three removable plastic turtle toys
My son wearing his turtle themed shirt at the park.

The only problem with removable animals is that my child can’t resist removing them. He will take them off in the car (our turtles lived there in his booster seat storage for months before I removed them), at school, at the park, anywhere he goes. Miraculously, since we can’t keep a water bottle for more than a week currently, we still own all three.

The good news is that the shirt looks fine even without the turtles. It’s nearly impossible to notice the snaps themselves in the busy design, so no matter if we have zero, one, two, or all three turtles, it looks great.

Wild things snap on toy purple shirt with removable plastic butterflies
The butterfly themed shirt from Wild Things Snap Ons.

These novelty shirts come in so many popular themes: bug, butterfly, reptiles, dinosaurs, mammals, and sea life varieties. They can all be ordered with or without the snap on toys, but their direct website will only take wholesale orders of 24 items or more. Your best bet for outfitting your own wild thing? Search for stores closest to you that don’t charge exorbitantly for shipping. Or tell everyone you know and wait until one shows up in your mailbox.

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