Adult Footed PJs

Close up of sock monkey decoration on feet of adult footie pajamas by Nick and Nore

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Comfy Co-Sleeping

Close up of sock monkey decoration on feet of adult footie pajamas by Nick and Nore

  • What: Footed pajamas for adults
  • When: Nursing or co-sleeping
  • Why: Stay warm and safe
  • Where: Amazon

We’ve all seen the adorable footed pajamas for infants. You know the ones. They zip (or the newer versions have magnetic closures) from underneath the chin to midway down the leg and you never have to worry about losing the matching top or bottom.

But did you know you can get pajamas with feet for adults? That might seem like a novelty item to most people, unless you know the rules for sleeping infants. Infants can’t have anything in the bed with them – no pillows, no blankets, no stuffed animals, nothing, and nada.

So what happens when you co-sleep? (For people unfamiliar with the concept, that means your infant shares your bed.) Either you risk suffocation for your own comfort, because let’s face it, sleep is precious, especially in those first few months. Anything that helps parents sleep can’t be all bad. Or you freeze to death lying flat on a sheet with no pillows or covers because you can’t sleep with even an iota of increased risk due to factors within your control.

Sleepytime Women’s Fleece Footed Pajamas on Amazon

Then I stumbled upon a pair of footed pajamas. It turns out they kept me warm, without any risk of my second born suffocating. (I didn’t co sleep with my firstborn, though I now suspect we would’ve all been much happier if we had.) Anything that simplifies nights helps, and only having one zipper and no extra stress made a huge difference for me. Even better, that zipper is totally nursing friendly. I sat on the floor playing once and had my husband run fetch a bottle because a boob started leaking, and I had my pajamas unzipped and ready in less than a second. As an added bonus, fleece resists both baby urp and poop.

Sock monkey red footed pajamas for adults by Nick and Nora
My beloved sock monkey footed pajamas by Nick and Nora even had pockets! Sadly you can’t get this awesome brand anymore.

Or maybe your foot size doesn’t correspond to your clothing size, in which case you could get a union suit and slip on a pair of socks. Do whatever makes you feel like a super mom, or helps avoid overheated feet. Whether you choose footed pj’s or a cozy union suit, the concept – a sleep sack for grown ups – stays the same..

Here’s to hoping the right pair of footed pajamas will get someone else more sleep, too. Every minute counts.

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