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Indesctructibles book for babies Things That Go title

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Chew on This Reading Material

Indesctructibles book for babies Things That Go title

  • What: Indestructible books for babies
  • When: Birth to age two
  • Why: Keep your kids and books safe
  • Where: Amazon

If you haven’t seen these awesome Indestructibles books for babies, I highly recommend them. Not only do the pages make a nice crinkling sound, but they don’t rip or tear, even under extreme teething conditions.

Jungle Rumble! Indesctructibles book on Amazon

The books consist of the same weatherproof and waterproof material that FedEx uses for their delivery envelopes. I haven’t tried taking a pair of scissors to them, but otherwise my three kids have been unable to make a single mark on ours.

They work great for very young children. The original versions, like Jungle Rumble!,  have no words, just illustrations, so you have to be on board with making up your own commentary. Newer titles, such as Things That Go!, include words. But the texture alone fascinates most children (and quite a few adults), so even if you don’t have a book biter, I would still recommend adding at least one to your library for the novelty. Since they last almost forever, you can pass them along to other friends and relatives once your child outgrows the board book and chewing stage. And because they don’t have words, they work great for bilingual households or friends in foreign countries.

Indesctructibles Six Book Set on Amazon

They weight less than most board books, so they make great travel companions, too. Rain or snow will have zero effect on them, so if you need some non-electronic entertainment while you’re out and about, they fit the bill. If they get dirty or need sanitizing, you can toss them into the dishwasher or the washing machine. Talk about indestructible.

They offer multiple titles without words, such as Jungle Rumble!, Wiggle! March!, Creep! Crawl!, and Plip-Plop Pond!. Nursery rhyme selections include Hey Diddle Diddle, Hickory Dickory Dock, Humpty Dumpty, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, Frere Jacques, and Mary Had a Little Lamb. Other titles include Flutter! Fly!, Welcome, Baby, Mama and Baby!, Beach Baby, Love You, Baby, Baby Night-Night, Baby Peekaboo, Baby Babble, Baby Faces, and Baby Animals.

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