Janod Magnetic Robots

Janod chunky wooden robot magnet pieces in stacks

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Attracted to Magnet Fun

Janod chunky wooden robot magnet pieces in stacks

  • What: Janod Robots Magnets
  • When: Ages 18 months and up
  • Why: Entertaining, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

I got this set of Janod Robot Magnets for my daughter several years back, during her obsession with robots. I have to say, I’m still obsessed with this toy. The set comes with 12 pieces, all magnetic. We love magnetic toys in our house, so these fit right in. The set includes four heads, torsos, and feet to create four complete robots. The robots can stand upright on their own, or lay flat. The pieces can be mixed and matched to create many different combinations. That also comes in handy when you can’t find one (or three or more) pieces in the chaos of a house full of toys and people under four feet tall.

Janod Robot Magnets on Amazon

These robots have non toxic paint, and despite having one kid who still chews everything he can get his teeth on and two dogs who like wooden things and anything that’s ever been touched by food, even second or third hand, the pieces look great.

Janod Magnet Robots four assembled in a row
You can see a few scratches but no chips or missing pieces.

They’ve taken more abuse from being stored in a bin with lots of other rough wooden things, and you can still tell which pieces belong to which body parts. Each piece has the same image on the front and back, so even if one gets defaced, you can flip it over and never know the difference.

Janod Dolls Chunky Wooden Funny Magnets on Amazon

The chunky size makes them easy for small hands to grasp and harder for small hands to lose.You can also get similar sets in doll, farm, and jungle motifs and intermix all the pieces for even more creativity and boundless building possibilities.

Janod chunky wooden magnet robot in gray assembledJanod Chunky wooden magnet robot in gray assembled without torsoJanod chunky wooden magnet robot in gray assembled

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