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Little Spider orange finger puppet board book

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Little Spider orange finger puppet board book
  • What: Finger Puppet Books
  • When: Ages 6 months to 4 years
  • Why: Entertaining, interactive reading
  • Where: Amazon

We got a copy of Little Spider Finger Puppet Book six years ago, and it has received so much love. All three of my kids adored the puppet that sticks out of the hole in the middle during their toddler years.

Little Giraffe Finger Puppet Board Book on Amazon

I could sneak a finger into the puppet and make it move and wiggle to their laughter and delight. They would try and catch the puppet, and I could remove my finger faster than they could capture it. We also enjoyed sticking and wiggling our fingers in the empty holes in the pages. Once my kids got older, they liked taking turns moving the puppet themselves. Since the puppet permanently attaches to the book (none of my three kids have not managed to remove it, which says something), I had no trouble keeping up with it. It also means you don’t have to worry about choking hazards.

Little Spider finger puppet board book open to blue page spread with hole for puppet
I could poke my fingers through the hole or into the puppet to entertain my kids.

Each book has a rhyming word scheme with minimal plot. You can get these books in many themes for different interests and holidays, such as puppy, giraffe, monkey, horse, bunny, ladybug, cat, tiger, bear, reindeer, spider, lamb, duck, fish, turkey, bat, zebra, lion, crab, and many more.

Backside of Little Spider finger puppet board book
A short list of the many titles available in this series.

The chunky size makes it easy for little hands to turn the thick pages. Bins hold them better than bookshelves for storage at home, but they travel well in bags and boxes for on the go entertainment.

Little Spider finger puppet board book shown from spine
Our book shows some age on the sides of the spine, but has otherwise held up remarkably well for its age.

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