Double Sided Base for Bricks

Blue Lego brick base plate with mini figures preparing for battle

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Build Better Brick Bases

Blue Lego brick base plate with mini figures preparing for battle
  • What: Classic Green Roll Up Brick Building Mat
  • When: Ages 18 months and up
  • Why: Compact, durable, large age appeal
  • Where: Amazon

We scored a long base plate for my little Lego lovers recently, and I can’t say enough good things about it. Ours measures 12 by 32 inches. In other words, it’s like three regular square base plates put together.

Classic Blue Roll Up Building Mat 15 x 30 on Amazon

My favorite feature is the double sided part. On one side, it has larger bumps to connect to Duplo (toddler) sized Legos and any other brand of building blocks. The opposite side features regular connectors for Legos. This mat turns any surface into a brick building table, but it takes up so much less room.

blue long Lego base plate with battle scene
An epic battle continues at our house thanks to the extra long base plate.

While I can’t store ours in the bin with all the other bricks, I haven’t had that problem yet. It hasn’t been out of play since we got it. When I do finally get to put it away, I’m planning to stand it upright and slide it in next the shelves or behind a piece of furniture, where it will disappear from my sight entirely. If you get really crazy, you could mount it on the wall and let your kids leave their creations attached indefinitely.

View of blue lego base plate with lego battle enacted from above
How cool would it be to attach this plate and creations to the wall?

Mine, however, is not made of silicone. I’ve spied these online looking for the same one we got in store, and I think it’s even more brilliant. Not only does it roll up for easy storage in a bin, but it travels much better, too. I personally hate traveling with little Legos because you will never ever come home with all the pieces. But I can see the appeal in setting my kid up with a new small set for a long flight, as it would keep him entertained for several hours. And last, but certainly not least, if you step on this rubbery mat, it doesn’t make you curse since it’s made out of soft silicone (like a baking mat) instead of hard plastic.

Classic Blue Roll Up Building Mat 15 x 15 on Amazon

The same company makes a smaller square version that measures 15 by 15 inches. If your child’s Lego battles don’t need to upgrade to the full length yet, you can start off with this half size version and see how it goes. It comes in five colors: blue, green, gray, clear, and pink. It also includes a drawstring storage bag to keep it rolled up.

Lego brand square green base plate next to blue long double sided base plate
That’s a Lego brand green square base plate shown next to our long double-sided blue base plate (which extends outside the photo).

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