Dover Little Activity Books

Pocket Sized EntertainmentDover Little Sticker Activity books fanned out in coral reef, aquarium, airport, and construction site themes

  • What: Dover Little Activity Books
  • When: 18 months to 8 years
  • Why: Lightweight, portable, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

I love Dover Little Activity Books. They work great for diaper bags or traveling. Each one measures about six  inches tall by four inches wide. The sticker activity books have four pages of stickers inside. The cover has a printed photo on either inside end, so once you remove the sheets of stickers, kids can add stickers to scene.

They come in a wide range of topics, like transportation and animals, to appeal to almost any little one. In fact, they have so many, most for less than $2, that I couldn’t begin to do justice to the options with a list. They keep small kids entertained in tight spaces, since each sticker can be moved around multiple times.

Dover Little Airport Sticker Activity book open to printed scene and sticker page

You can see half the printed scene as well as some remaining stickers on the facing page in the Little Airport sticker book.

Once your kids graduate from straight up stickering, you can get books with activities like crossword puzzles, word searches, hidden pictures, and mazes to keep older kids entertained.

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