Donut Pillow

Scented plush donut pillow with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles

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Sink Your Head into Sweets

Scented plush donut pillow with pink frosting and rainbow sprinkles

  • What: Confectionery pillows
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Cute, fun, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

When I think of donut pillows, I do not think cute. I imagine busting my tailbone and not sitting down for weeks on end. Have you seen an unfortunate soul carrying around their own little dull colored inflatable pillow to sit on to protect their tailbone? They have holes in the middle to protect fragile tailbones. I’m not talking about those.

iScream Sugarlicious Scented Donut Pillow on Amazon

I’m talking about the much more kid-friendly donut pillows that come in the shape and color of an actual donut. The decorations look like a very appealing real donut, but plush fabric covers the surface, and some even come scented. If you prefer other sweets, you can buy these in cupcake and ice cream shapes as well.

Toddler carrying a donut pillow pink frosting sprinkles with arm through hole in middle
My three year old son is rarely without his beloved donut pillow.

I got one of these pillows for my third child’s birthday after seeing him hugging a similar one at a friend’s house. I did a bit of comparison shopping, and went with the donut option. Several different brands exist, so make sure you get the features you want. Some pillows have silkier, stretchier fabric with a beanbag type filling, but I went for the fuzzy covering for my plush loving child. He hasn’t slept a day without it yet, and loves carrying it around with his arm through the donut hole.

HYSEAS Round Donut Throw Pillow on Amazon

It comes in useful for napping on the go, when that hole lines up just right to cushion his neck without putting his head at an awkward angle. We have owned it two months now, and it definitely retains the strawberry scent – so much so that his other bedding now wafts a bit, too.

Donut pillow with pink frosting and sprinkles in toddler bed with other pillows, stuffed animals, and blankets
My son’s donut pillow at home in his bed.

I wouldn’t go with the scented option for younger kids just to be safe, but my son loves it, and not because it smells so sweet.


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