Baby Leg Love

Pink ballerina Baby leg brand infant leg warmers

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Warm Up to These Fashionable Favorites

Pink ballerina Baby leg brand infant leg warmers

  • What: Babylegs Leg Warmers
  • When: Birth until you get tired of looking at them
  • Why: Super versatile, one size fits for ages
  • Where: Amazon

I love baby legs, and I don’t just mean the rolls of fat some babies have on their super adorable and irresistable thunder thighs. I mean the brand of baby clothing that has been all the rage the last ten years or so.

Babylegs Organic Leg Warmers on Amazon

If your infant or toddler wears a lot of dresses and skirts, baby legs can keep their legs warm as well as protected in case of spills or scrapes. Baby legs rarely get stained by diaper blowouts, unlike pants or shorts or anything else that covers the diaper. Baby legs provide great covering for knees once your baby starts crawling. And they come in so many cute designs and patterns how can anyone resist?

Baby leg infant leg warmers in pink ballerina and polka dot patterns
My five year old still wears both these pairs of Babylegs, which are as old as she is and still in great condition.

They store more compactly than pants, so you can toss a pair in your bag or car for emergency wardrobe changes. They make great pants substitutes, as long as you don’t mind seeing your child’s diaper. You can easily layer them underneath another pair of pants for subzero weather, and they can be removed without having to take your infant out of the carrier if they get overheated.

Infant riding in car seat wearing baby leg warmers
My daughter wearing her Babylegs through the airport as an infant.

They make great affordable gifts for new parents. Many different brands of baby leg warmers have popped up after the success of the originals, and I haven’t done enough research to know of any quality differences. But if you have multiple kids, one pair of Babylegs can keep you covered for many different ages, so you don’t have to pack extra outfits in different sizes for everyone.

Infant playing with toys while wearing baby leg warmers
My daughter wearing the same pair of Babylegs while playing.

Best of all, baby legs can outlast all other infant clothing. My five year old daughter still regularly wears her favorite pairs of Babylegs on her arms or even her legs overnight while sleeping. She says they don’t get hot like her other pajamas, though that’s coming from a child who doesn’t shy away from sleeping in swim clothes, either. They will fit on arms up until about age 10 – that’s years not months.

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