Animal Sticker Activity Book

Animal Sticker activity book animals first learning priddy

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Animal Sticker activity book animals first learning priddy

  • What: First Learning Sticker Activity Books by Priddy Books
  • When: Ages 3 to 6
  • Why: Fun, portable, educational, affordable
  • Where: Amazon

You’ve heard me rave about Priddy books, and I love this recommendation just as much. We received another Priddy book from a very kind neighbor for my son’s third birthday, and he cannot get enough of the sticker book that came included.

He loves chickens and farm animals, so he loves this sticker book of animals. But it surprised me how well he did with the stickers.

Sticker Activity Trucks by Priddy Books on Amazon

This activity book has more than just 100 stickers. Instead, it includes multiple pages of animal silhouettes by category, such a baby animals, farm animals, and birds. On each page, the silhouettes appear in a different bright color on a white background. Kids hunt for the sticker in the sticker pages in the middle to find the one that matches the silhouette. It works as a sticker book, but also a look and find book, and it has letters as well! Each page’s title has letter stickers to match, so they get great practice recognizing and matching letters as well as shapes and colors.

Inside animal sticker book early learning priddy activity
The inside view of our Animals sticker book. The pink side is still missing some stickers and the blue side is complete.

A bar with a bright colored background runs along the outside edge of each page and has more stickers to place. It ask questions like “Can you find these farm birds?”, “Which triangle has the most fish?”, and “What do all these animals have?”

Sticker pages from animal activity book early learning priddy
One of the sticker pages from our book with many stickers already placed.

We started off matching the shapes and colors in the side sections, then progressed to finding all the letters. After that, he had no trouble picking out the silhouettes for each animal, and requested each page by color multiple times a day.

birds yellow page animal sticker book early learning priddy
Each page has silhouettes and letters to match to stickers.

The sticker book weighs very little and packs well into travel bags for flights. My son has spent hours filling in all the stickers and isn’t done yet. If I had realized it would be this popular, I would’ve saved it for our upcoming air travel.

Child attaching sticker to activity book
My son loves this book and all the stickers.

These sticker activity books come in early learning categories like words, shapes, dinosaurs,  trucks, and colors. The animal version we have currently costs more than buying all the others put together, but if you have an animal lover, keep an eye out for it.

back cover animal sticker activity book early learning priddy

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